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And wow, I’m so glad you’ve arrived. I’m here to help you, my fellow woman, whose aspirations are as high as mine!

I’ve done a decade-long career in management consulting but I needed to leave my secure, well-paid job so that I could fully utilise my gifts and help others to unleash their potential.

My mission is to help women to become the women they were always destined to be. So whether you’re a young rising talent, a corporate rock star, a dedicated entrepreneur or a business full of great feminine energy – keep reading, there’s something for you below…

Welcome home x

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I see you, my fellow woman with bucketloads of ambition.

We are all different and our needs are a bit different so it is obvious the Wander Woman Signature programmes are tailored to meet a variety of needs.

The programmes we have open now are for 1:1 coaching and training for businesses – please find more information below.

The exciting Wander Woman Tribe learning platform will open early 2019 so please join the waiting list!

The Wander Woman Entrepreneur Programme

1:1 private coaching

Programme open now!

The Wander Woman Career Accelerator Programme

1:1 private coaching

Programme open now!

The Wander Woman Next Generation Tribe

Launching early 2019!

The Wander Woman Dream Team Programme

Please send me an enquiry for collaboration!

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  • Paul Martin


    I have worked with Anna over the past four years and she has established herself as an expert in the fashion and luxury retail space. She is a real pleasure to work with - highly committed, extremely professional and a real people person.

    Paul Martin
    Head of Retail
  • Tiina Tuulos


    Anna supported me during a big transition period in my life and like a great coach, she asked great questions instead of telling the ‘right’ answers. Anna has given me huge inspiration and confidence to explore a new chapter both in my career and life. Every interaction with her is been full of deep expertise, knowledge and kindness. Being mentored and coached by Anna has helped me to identify my strengths and capabilities, to be more confident in negotiation situations and give me direction when navigating through ambiguity.

    Tiina Tuulos
    Innovation Coach and Lecturer
    Melbourne Design Factory
  • Minkkinen_Mari


    Anna is a superbly energetic and positive coach who has an incredible ability to transfer this positive energy and attitude onto others. I have felt so strong after each of our sessions, ready to take on whatever challenge. However, Anna doesn’t make it easy for me and asks questions that can be very challenging to answer. In our discussions there’s been several breakthrough moments when she has presented points of view that I didn’t imagine existed. She makes me work for my own benefit and I always have a feeling I am important. I’m glad I’ve done this process with her and it was a great investment into my own wellbeing.

    Mari Minkkinen
    Finance consultant
    Ernst & Young
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