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Hello you!

I’m sure by now you know I’m Anna, and I like to call myself the original Wander Woman! I hail from Finland, however, if anyone asks, at heart I’m a global citizen after being bitten by a huge travel bug when I was only a little girl. London has now been my home for six years.

(Ps. Why I look so happy in this photo is because I’m in Ibiza, one of my favourite places on earth e-v-e-r…)

And, I see myself as…

  • Movement lover

    Movement lover

    What you might not know is that I also hold a professional ballet dancer degree! I fell in love with ballet in a heartbeat when I saw it first time when I was five years old.Ballet is my favourite art form in the world. Today, I continue dancing and hold a strong philosophy towards movement: for me, most things start from physiology. The Hopi Indians have a saying: When you see me dance, you can see my heart speak. That’s me.
  • Adventure junkie

    Adventure junkie

    My mom will agree that I always follow my heart and do things I feel like I need to do – even when they make me s*** scared! So, I’ve done a bungee jump, done aerial circus, jumped from a 30 ft pole and walked on fire. I like expanding myself at all time and sometimes it’s just for fun. This is me skiing in Lapland, Finland.
  • Yogi enthusiast

    Yogi enthusiast

    I got into yoga when I lived in Sydney, Australia in 2006. In the beginning, yoga was a great complimentary movement piece alongside dance but these days, yoga for me is so much more: it gives me and my body space to breathe, allows me to meditate, go into my very core and keep (even some sort of) alignment in today’s hectic world. I love inversions and you know what – for some reason this pose in this picture come to me with ease!
  • Business strategist

    Business strategist

    I spent ten years in management consulting, advising some of the most prestigious fashion and luxury business CEOs. I loved my job; and the variety and challenge it brought me! In my job I helped organisations to change so I was working side by side with people on the daily, supporting them to improve. This is what got me into coaching: I thought if I can solve business problems this well, surely I can do this for individuals, too?!
  • Lifelong learner

    Lifelong learner

    I’ve always been a huge self-development junkie – the books in this photo are some of my favourites. I like to optimise, hack, perfect and tailor – recommend me a book and I’ll read it! For the last five years my favourite pastime has been self improvement and I’ve been making significant investments in this area, for example currently I’m completing the Tony Robbins Mastery University programme. I want to offer the best tool belt for my clients in the market.
  • Content creator

    Content creator

    I love putting some good energy out there through my various encounters and social media. I love creating beauty (in the form of dance, images or words) and this year, things came together and I wrote my first book, the Wander Woman’s Playbook! Content is one of my newest passion projects and I’m working on it diligently to make sure I can bring my insight to others with joy and ease!
  • Dreamer


    I have always dreamt big – and I will continue doing so. In my heart I believe we are all capable of so much so I always want to encourage people to dream….whatever you can dream, you can achieve! I always want to do more, achieve more, be more. I believe we can be whatever we want to be. This is me dreaming in the beautiful Caya Largo in Cuba.


My personal mission for the next five years is to help one million women to live their absolutely best lives – the lives they were always destined to live.

Welcome to the sacred space of the Wander Women Tribe. This is a supportive environment for likeminded, ambitious women to unleash the highest expression of themselves while coming together for community, connection and collaboration.

Welcome home x

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